Perhaps you’ve been looking to buy an RV for a while now, but never really knew the best time to do so. You might have heard of RV sales being used as an indicator of economic recessions, but how do you know when is the right time to buy an RV? Here are 3 signs it’s a great time to buy.

1. Vegetables are seasonal, and so are RVs!

The best time of year to buy an RV is the winter, with the fall being a close second. That’s good news for readers right now, seeing as we’re just about to enter that period of time; if you’re in the market, get ready to buy soon! Prices tend to tank between October and November.

2. You should buy an RV when financing rates are good.

Markets are undeniably crazy right now, so it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on financing rates. You want to know exactly what it’s going to cost you to buy an RV so you can make the best financial decision for your family. Check frequently with dealers in your area to see if there are any end-of-season promotions going on, too! You can often get amazing deals because of your great timing. 

3. Keep an eye on lightly used RVs as well – they’re often as good as new!

Don’t underestimate the quality of gently used RVs. When you’re ready to buy an RV, you’re making a huge financial commitment; a gently used RV will give you everything you’re looking for at a lower price! Most people don’t want to winterize their RVs or pay to keep them up. This off-loading tendency keeps used camper prices down, which is a benefit as well. It’s not too different from buying a brand spankin’ new one!

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