It’s no secret that 2020 has quickly become tumultuous and full of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are out of jobs, out of school, and out of patience as the world has slowed down. However, one industry that has actually been doing quite well is the RV industry; “RVs combine transportation and temporary living quarters for travel and camping; it’s an attractive option for those not wanting to currently take vacations using airplanes or cruise ships,” said RV Industry Association spokesperson Monika Geraci. It’s the truth – now is a great time to go camping! Let’s look at how the RV industry has been doing during COVID-19.

More people are interested in RVs now than before.

Because of the pandemic, there is a lot of fear surrounding travel by way of airports or trains where you’re in close contact with strangers. RVs provide a travel option where you don’t have to be squashed beside a random person! Many dealers have said consumers are turning to RVs as a safer option for vacation travel. RV dealers are experiencing a multi-month jump in sales this summer; it’s been boosted by the coronavirus pandemic that shows no signs of dissipating. As such, there are more RVs to transport – it’s great for all areas of the industry.

RV sales have continued to boom throughout the summer.

RV manufacturers across North America have said sales and orders for RVs are booming during the pandemic as people look to vacation in isolation. Although the shutdown order in mid-March threw many people in the industry for a loop, it ended up not being enough to harm sales detrimentally. 

RV manufacturing company Roadtrek was unsure how they may fare after shutting down. “It certainly wasn’t what anyone desired, and no one knew when we shut down what things would look like on the other side,” said Dane Found. Dane Found is an industry veteran who was hired last October by new Roadtrek owner Rapido Group. “Fortunately for our industry, it’s exploded on the other side.”

At this rate, RV industry sales will likely continue to rise!

As more and more people come around to RV travel (particularly with talk of a second wave of COVID-19) it seems likely that this sales trajectory will continue. Industry professionals believe that resorts will spring up to cater to an increasing number of RVs, where people can socially distance, with every facility they need, whilst conforming to new health protocols. Plus, between early April and late May, many U.S. RV rental companies saw up to a 1000% spike in bookings.

It’s looking like the RV industry is going to continue to thrive even in the midst of a pandemic! Thanks to amazing, hardworking individuals, this industry has a lot to look forward to. Here at RV Transport Life, we’re committed to providing information, resources, and advice to all members of the RV industry. We wish you safe travels!

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