Horizon Transport and Wave Express teamed up to build an exclusive Driver’s Lounge in Wakarusa. The Lounge is meant to help drivers as they travel to the area to pick up units by giving them a place to “rest and reset.” Right now, this space is only open to drivers of the two companies. It’s unclear if it will open to other companies in the future.

The Lounge includes features like laundry machines, food and beverage vending machines, free coffee, wireless printer, private women’s and men’s areas, free showers, and more. It is open 24/7, but the law prohibits the space from being used as a hotel, so drivers are not permitted to sleep there overnight. Drivers will use a special company-given code for access.

The companies say they hope this space will prove very useful to their current drivers as well as be a bit of a draw for new drivers.

The Lounge is set to open mid January. Stay tuned to RV Transport Life for more updates about the RV industry.

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