According to leaked screen shots of an internal message sent to drivers by CWRV Transport, the company is closing its doors on November 1st. This apparently comes as a surprise to many, including its own recently hired drivers.
CWRV closing The post, found in the News section of the CWRV app, states that the company is closing due to business developments out of it’s control. Some drivers on Facebook are speculating that it is related to a recent judgement awarded to the children of two people killed in an accident in 2007 where a CWRV contractor had fallen asleep and rear ended their stopped vehicle.

With this judgement and CWRV Transport closing, many are wondering if transport companies will be able to withstand the risks involved. Large judgements handed down by juries leave most companies with no choice but to close up shop.

CWRV has nearly 500 drivers on its roster and around 20 staff members mostly based in their Elkhart office. According to the News post, drivers and staff will be paid fully.

CWRV has been exclusively focused on transporting towable RVs for Camping World and Gander RV since 2013.

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