This is an incredibly difficult time for many families. While several industries have the capability to work from home, RV transporters have a bit of a different experience. Most are independent contractors who spend a lot of time on the road. It can be difficult to stay diligent and safe during this pandemic! However, even though times are tough, RV transporters all over are doing wonderful things to help their communities. Join us in celebrating RV transporters and the things they’re doing to make this world a better place!

RVs 4 MDs: Donating RVs to Healthcare Workers

What began as just a Facebook group has expanded to a nationwide group of good Samaritans. In the RVs 4 MDs group, people nationwide are offering up their RVs to healthcare workers. Many are looking for a place to self-quarantine as they fight the virus. Several people are even generous enough to offer to transport RVs to those in need. This is such an incredible show of kindness. It’s so exciting to see folks from the RV community reaching out to offer help in the best way they’re able!

You can join the Facebook group here if you are interested in offering your help to those on the front lines.

Celebrating RV Transporters Moving Emergency Trailers in California

Drivers from Wave Express, an Indiana-based RV transporting company are sticking to their motto of being “WaveStrong!” They are out in California assisting those affected by the virus. According to their Facebook page, dozens of their drivers are moving emergency relief trailers to the Rose Bowl and The Hansen Dam. There, they are setting up sites for those in need in the Greater Los Angeles area.

They are performing orientations each week. If you are interested in volunteering your services, visit their Facebook page to find out more information. 

Grand Design RV Pledges N95 Masks to Health Center

A Middlebury, Indiana company, Grand Design RV, made a pledge to donate masks to a local health center fighting COVID-19. The company is going to donate 1,000 N95 masks to healthcare workers fighting the virus. In addition to these respiratory masks, they will also be donating protective nitrile gloves. This company is doing amazing things to assist the healthcare community during such a dangerous time. 

It is truly amazing to see the community of RV transporters coming together for a greater cause. If you know of any other groups we can highlight while we’re celebrating RV transporters during this time, please let us know! Here at RV Transport Life, we are committed to providing RV transporters with resources, information, and advice related to the industry. We wish you safe – and healthy – travels!

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