In 2020, Jimbo & Company Transport will be celebrating 10 years of being in business!

Jimbo & Company was founded in 2010 in Middlebury, Indiana by James “Jimbo” Hansen and his son, James Hansen Jr. Later on, they also brought on Jimbo’s son, Jourdan Hansen, and his daughter, Justine Hansen. 

Throughout the years, Jimbo & Company has done its best to stick to its core value; taking care of their drivers and customers, and treating them like family instead of just a number. The company started out with 5 owner operators hauling cargo trailers for some key Indiana, Georgia, and Texas-based manufacturers. They steadily grew from their small beginnings, and by 2013 became the largest transporter for cargo trailers in the United States.

Today, Jimbo & Company has over 65 owner operators and a full office staff! They still heavily focus on the cargo trailer market. However, through the years, they have also added campers, horse trailers, boats, restroom and shower trailers, government trailers, and office trailers. They’ve also kept their title as the largest cargo trailer transporter in the United States! 

As a celebration for their 10 year anniversary, Jimbo & Company will be reflecting on the last 10 years and showing appreciation to all the people that helped their company get to where it is today. Additionally, they will be holding a scavenger hunt for the drivers in their current fleet! There will be gifts for all the winners of the scavenger hunt. 

RV Transport Life is so excited to celebrate with everyone at Jimbo & Company for this milestone in their business. If you’d like to stay up to date on their business or join their awesome fleet of owner operators, you can find their website here or call them today at (844)56JIMBO. Congratulations on 10 years in the cargo trailer hauling industry!

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