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RVTL is built for RV Transport drivers. Those drivers have a unique buying pattern and a great need for items related to travel and trucking. RV Transport is made up of 85% Tow-Away, or drivers using pickup trucks. Below are more demographics from our RVTL Audience.

  • Most drivers are male 91% 91%
  • Most RV transport is done using ¾ or 1 ton pickup trucks 86% 86%
  • Drivers come from all over the country, but many live in the Midwest 59% 59%

Number of drivers in the RVTL Network


Female Drivers

Average age of drivers

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Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, our following is strong and growing. We pride ourselves on engagement through these channels.


Drivers are constantly checking their emails to do the job at hand. We deliver regular emails to subscribers across the RVTL Network. 

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