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Step aside, luxury cars – have you seen these luxury RVs? There’s no doubt that any RV is special, but there are some that are absolutely next-level. It’s amazing how many awesome features these companies could cram into an RV! Here are five luxury RVs that you’ve truly just gotta see to believe.

1. The Morelo Empire Liner

The Morelo Empire Liner, like many luxury RVs, essentially resembles an upscale apartment on wheels. This vehicle won the 2018 German Design Award from the German Design Council. Models of the Morelo Empire Liner range anywhere from $343,392 to well over $500,000.

The exterior, in addition to the sporty front and sleek, smooth sides, is 52mm thick, keeping the internal temperature consistent regardless of the climate.

Inside, these RVs have modern, stylish furniture, wildly comfortable seats, and top-of-the-line appliances. In addition to the beautiful lighting, the fully furnished kitchen has a large refrigerator and freezer. Oh, and the bathroom is more like a spa with its natural stone, luxurious features, and plenty of space to move around. It’s easy to see how the Empire Liner won such a prestigious design award!

2. The Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection 

Another amazing product of German engineering is the Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection. Stretching 35 feet in length, the Performance Perfection boasts a Volvo bus chassis and a patented central garage on the – wait for it – “ground floor.”

That’s right, you can store a Fiat or Mini Cooper inside this vehicle! The ground floor also has plenty of storage space for bikes, luggage, or whatever you might be bringing along on your journey.

Priced at over $800,000, this RV is decked out with plenty of bang for your buck. One of the most notable features is an option wall-out that expands the interior an extra 29 feet. Not only that, but this vehicle comes with a king size bed and deluxe kitchen appliances. This is a next-level home away from home!

3. The EleMMent Palazzo Superior

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a spaceship, the EleMMent Palazzo Superior may be just what the doctor ordered! This futuristic-looking vehicle is one of the most outlandish-looking luxury RVs on the market. Combining style elements from yachts, aircrafts, and motorsports, this RV retails for over $1.6 million.

This RV has been described as the most luxurious mobile home on the market. Perhaps one of the deciding factors for that title to go to this vehicle is its sky lounge. Yes, you read that correctly: there is an automatic lift system which elevates the lounge to a walled-in rooftop deck!

In addition to the jet cockpit-inspired driver’s seat, this vehicle also comes with a wine cabinet, floor heating, and a king size bed manufactured by the very same company who provides beds for the British royal family! 

4. The Prevost H3-45 VIP

The Prevost H3-45 VIP is potentially one of the sleekest mobile homes money can buy. Its shiny, smooth exterior is absolutely beautiful, and it is extremely customizable.

In fact, you could change just about anything about this RV to fit your individual needs. There are several different floor plans to choose from, and many different ways to make it your own. In order to accommodate for these personalized luxury RVs, the Prevost models are known for their extensive space and range of features.

Other notable factors about these RVs include soundproofing from external noise, top-tier lighting and internal temperature controls, gigantic windows, and specialty appliances. The price tag for these one-of-a-kind luxury vehicles is well over $2 million, but for what you’re getting…it is worth it if you can afford it!

5. Finally, the king (or queen) of luxury RVs, the Liberty Coach Elegant Lady

Rounding out or collection of luxury RVs (and sitting at the very top of the price range at a modest $2.57 million) is the Liberty Coach Elegant Lady. Created by a well-established, family-run company, this is absolutely one of the most cutting-edge recreational vehicles ever manufactured.

Liberty Coach prides themselves on their superior engineering technology and top-of-the-line products. They are always looking for innovative ways to revolutionize the creation of luxury RVs, and they’ve certainly outdone themselves with the Elegant Lady.

At this price point, you want to know how it’s tricked out, right? Well, highlights include an iPad Air interface control, a 49-inch curved 4K bedroom television, 65-inch 4K LED outside E-Center TV, heated flooring, and an Elegant Lady-exclusive Birds Eye 360 exterior camera system. Crazy, right?

If you’ve seen any other amazing luxury RVs, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Here at RV Transport Life, we are committed to providing information, resources, and advice related to the RV industry. As always, we wish you safe travels!

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