Going to the car wash can be exhausting, especially when it takes forever to go through. Plus, when it’s cold, it’s dreadful to go outside for anything, much less a trip to the car wash. However, keeping your vehicle clean and in great shape is an integral part of having a dependable vehicle to carry you through life. Here are the top 3 reasons to keep your vehicle clean, even when you don’t feel like braving the cold.

1. Rust can really mess you up.

Trapped moisture can make rust form underneath your car; this can cause some serious mechanical problems. Not only can this rust cause cosmetic damage and ruin the paint on your vehicle, but it can begin to corrode metal if left untreated. Rust could eat away at parts of your engine, cause air leaks, and do a lot of damage to the mechanical workings of your car. Don’t let it get to that point!

2. Salt residue will cause damage to your paint.

The main reason people tend to avoid washing their car in the winter is because “it’ll just get dirty again, so there’s no point in washing it.” The salt on the roads can create grime and dirt on the exterior of the car, and in areas where it snows frequently, that grime won’t stay away for long. However, if you don’t go to the car wash, the residue from the salt can corrode and permanently damage the exterior of your vehicle. 

3. Clean your undercarriage, or it’ll be an expensive fix later.

The buildup of the salt and moisture from the roads can start to eat away at the metal undercarriage of your car. It’s easy to forget about your undercarriage; since it’s not very visible, it can be unintentionally overlooked. However, if you don’t give your vehicle’s undercarriage a little love when you go to the car wash, you could be inviting rust and gunk to give you problems.

Even though the cold is awful, it’s still imperative that you take care of your vehicle. If nothing else, think of the money it’ll save you in the long run! Here at RV Transport Life, we are committed to providing resources, information, and advice to RV transporters everywhere. We wish you safe travels!

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