Thanks to the caring inventors of the world, there are so many products on the market that can help you stay comfortable on long road trips. From seat cushions to phone holders, they’ve got you covered! Here are five nifty gadgets that can help you take your road trip to the next level.

1. Seat Gap Filler

If you’ve ever eaten french fries or small snacks while driving, chances are you’ve dropped something in the space between your seat and the console. Not only is it annoying to lose a piece of your food, but it’s so difficult to retrieve anything you’ve lost down there. However, one of these gadgets can solve that problem for you! 

Meet the seat gap filler – your new best friend on the road. This gadget goes between your seat and console to catch anything you may drop! Now you won’t have to worry about contorting your hand and arm to reach into the gap; your items will be right next to your seat and easy to reach. You can find this and similar products on Amazon!

2. Windshield/Dashboard Phone Holder

With the rise of smartphones, most people rely on their devices to get to their destinations. However, holding your phone is very distracting and dangerous while driving. Luckily, there’s a gadget for that, too! You can now mount your phone on your windshield or dashboard. This will not only alleviate the need to hold your phone, but your GPS will be clearly visible and hands-free to make driving and navigation much easier. You can also find this or similar products on Amazon!

3. Heating and Cooling Seat Cushion

Finally, as you drive throughout the seasons, the temperature inside your car fluxuates. While air conditioning and heating can do the trick, if your car doesn’t have seat heaters, you could find yourself cold until your seat adjusts to your body temperature. Additionally, during the summer, leather seats in particular can get ridiculously hot. 

Luckily, Amazon can fix that problem for you! With this heating and cooling seat cushion, you can keep your body comfortable no matter what the temperature around you is. 

4. Multi-Port Car Charger

If you use your smartphone as a GPS device for a long road trip, you may find yourself needing to charge the battery. But if you’re traveling with others or have other devices to charge, one port won’t be enough. This 4-port car charger adapter is here to save the day. With 4 USB ports, you can charge your phone and three other electronics all at the same time!

5. Back Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow can be an incredible addition to your drivers’ seat. When you sit in one position for a long time, your back will probably begin to stiffen and hurt. However, with a pillow that offers lumbar support, your back can stay in a comfortable position over a long period of time.

Of course, this list of gadgets is fairly limited. Let us know if there are any other products you use to make yourself more comfortable while driving! Here at RV Transport Life, we’re committed to providing resources and information to make transporting RVs easier, safer, and more comfortable. Safe travels!

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