Ryan Case, Perry Automotive, 2019 (Video by Blackwood Creative, 2019)

In the above video, Ryan Case from Perry Automotive gives you some great tips and advice about when to check or change the filters in your vehicle!

  1. Fuel Filter: This filters out the dirt and other particles in your fuel that can affect your vehicle internally. Make sure to change your fuel filter at every other oil change, or every 10,000 miles – whichever comes first! The fuel filter greatly affects your vehicle’s fuel economy; it can catch up to you quickly.
  2. Cabin Air Filter: This filters the air that goes into your vehicle’s cabin. You’re breathing in this air, so it’s important to make sure it’s clean. If you live in a dusty or humid climate, you may need to change it more often. The dust can be harmful, and the moisture can create a moldy smell. Change the filter as soon as you notice the moldy smell, if not before!
  3. Engine Air Filter: This filters the air going into your engine, and screens out any dirt or dust particles that could mess up your engine. Make sure to get this checked out (or changed) at least every other oil change. This one also affects your fuel economy, so definitely put this as a priority!

The filters in your vehicle serve many purposes, and they greatly affect the way your vehicle will run. Even though your life can get busy, set aside the time to make sure your vehicle is in its best condition to keep you safe on the road. Here at RV Transport Life, we do our best to provide resources and information to people in the RV industry. We wish you safe travels!

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