According to RV industry analyst Dr. Richard Curtin, 2019 and 2020 are going to be among the top 10 best years on record for RV shipments. He not only serves as director of Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan, but is the the author of RV RoadSigns, a quarterly publication through the RV Industry Association. Currently, the all-time high stands in 2017 with the record of 504,600 RV shipments. However, the rest of this year and next year are projected to be some of the best in history.

What is the forecast for RV shipments? 

Dr. Curtin has come up with a range of predictions for RV shipments in the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. Throughout 2019, we’ve seen a 16.9% decrease from 2018, going from 483,700 units to about 402,100. Luckily, this appears to ease up as we move into 2020. Wages, jobs, inflation, and interest rates look to be more favorable. It’s likely that these economic increases will help to balance out the decline that’s occurred this year. 

On the more aggressive end of the forecast, we could see a slight rise in 2020 to around 404,600 units. The more conservative end of the spectrum predicts an annual total of RV shipments landing around 359,600. Realistically, the total number of wholesale shipments should hit roughly in the middle of those predictions, somewhere around 386,400.

How are consumers reacting to this information?

There is a reasonable amount of doubt coming from consumers as the country faces not only an impeachment, but a presidential election. Aside from political changes in power, there is a level of uncertainty regarding policy issues including tariffs and regulations and their effects on the economy. However, the forecast for RV shipments in the coming days is very promising. As long as the trends of strong economic growth and lower inflation continue, wholesale RV shipments can push towards the top of the range. 

Overall, it’s looking like RV shipments in 2020 will be in good shape. As we round out 2019, it’ll be something to watch, and something to be hopeful for going into the new year. Here at RV Transport Life, we’re committed to providing RV transporters with information and resources for all aspects of the industry. We wish you safe travels and a wonderful rest of the year!

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